A Shiny Moment…

its been a long time,since, i saw him last,those pretty eyes, blue in color,with a tinge of green,he has grown, quite big,since holding him xmas eve,her, she still smiles,but has changed,i wonder what is wrong,she is trying to be,someone, but who, who knows,but, she still smiles,that's good,he is sensitive, playful,adorable, he is so perfect,i am … Continue reading A Shiny Moment…

In Re: JD

Just read an interesting Rolling Stone article about Johnny Depp, this morning. I was captivated by the name involved, so reading the story was a no-brainer. I have seen some of his movies, one of my very favorite movies is where he plays the writer Hunter S. Thompson (which according to the article was a … Continue reading In Re: JD

I Learned A New Word, and it works, rightly so….

The question I am asking is, "has someone built a fort where there's just me; a bubble where life is fixed; kidnapped at the hands of hackers; jailed unjustly, without bail or proper legal representation; sentenced to mental death? After careful rummaging through my handwritten - manual diary (a binder with receipts, copies, reminders), I … Continue reading I Learned A New Word, and it works, rightly so….


Happy Fathers' Day, To all parent(s) whose role was caring for their children as a single parent, performing double duty as mom and dad. To the parent(s) that chooses to buy things their children need first. To the parent(s) that doesn't whine about child support payments. Btw, do you realize single parents are paying child … Continue reading Parent