Now’s The Time…

When, I was in my teens, I read mags that were for 20-30 year olds.

I couldn’t wait to “live, that kinda life.”

Then I graduated high school, I turned into an adult, that day.

No more, “freebies.” Now, you must pay.

So, I’m out looking for a bf, everyone has started to marry and settle down.

Though, I felt too young, for marriage.

I’m an adult but still felt too young. And was told that I wasn’t old enough.

I aged. Hit 30. Now, things have changed. I am now told, I’m too old.

Too old, to return to college. Over the Hill for marriage. Men don’t want spinsters.

I was told men don’t want to raise stepkids. They want their own.

“Women don’t want to raise “steps,” either. I didn’t.

Men don’t want ‘used women,’ or divorcees.

Women don’t want ‘used men.’ Ex wives are far worse than ex husbands. Especially, if there is children involved. Beating at the door, for child support money. Eww.

Or, spying thru their kids’ eyes. Double ewww.

Also, some ex-wives tend to linger onto ex husbands. The old “bff,” routine or better referred as the “Marriage Trio.” Who’s the fool, in that situation?

By 40, it seems, sarcasm–I’m too old for everything: returning to school, happy marriage, losing weight, buying a house, etc.

These are real stories, I was repeatedly told. Not only from one source. There is a, Popular Professional Naysayer Group .

No, I do not Listen to BS. I have a brain. I can read, add, count all by “lil ol’ self. ”

Any bf quickly meant, “future husband.”

Prepare for plenty of “quick putdowns,”a real jealous-asshole/bitch can “set your ass backward,” in 2 sec. flat.

Here come the smart-asses, with their professionalism in romance, “you’re not getting any younger.” You’re too picky. You’re not a Hollywood actress. You have to look “really good,” for “rich men,” they want “young, confident, women.”

First of all, “When did I mention that I was holding out for a money-man?”

They’re ammo’d and more than willing “to force, you to feel better about yourself,” just wait.

Oh and–you’ll never, ever hear “I think you’re smart to holdout for something better.

50! You feel Great! Kids are grown! They’re happily married and/or have a steady friend.

Grands are coming, woohoo!!!

Life is slower. Time is “wide open.”

Health has declined some. Blood pressure a bit higher. Hair is graying.

But, you feel Good!

Young ones, 30-20 year olds, look at you, as you look at 90 year olds.

Yes, its true!

Everyone sees you as “best years are behind you.”

Let the “young ones, have their fun, now.”

Huh? I am now at an age where I’m not running to pick someone up from school, friends house or an activity.

Recently, I decided to lose 10 lbs. So I’m dieting and being careful not to eat late nights.
I was told “don’t worry, about it,” eat what you want. You deserve it, by now.

Basically, you’re used up. Too “old” to participate in life? In number, 53 is in between 100. Medium age. If I were 99, what should age matter? FU, if you think “people, should stop living at a particular age?”

Hey. Wait a Minute! Back Up!
Yes, I am 53. Divorced for 17 years. 2 daughters. 1 infant grandson. I completed two degrees, not at the ideal time, but I finished with gpa 3.3.
I am “breathing!” I am going to continue working, learning, improving myself.

Regardless, of your idea of what “old people,” should be doing.

Life does not stop at a particular age. It can stop abruptly, by allowing, some bad advice convince you, that you’re used up.

I think weddings, are behind you after 45, or 40?

Marry? …in a home or JP…Off-Color elegant dress, Jimmy Choo heels, or SJP has an exquisite line…

Dating? I think fun “day dating,” of coffee or park walks. Dinner and a movie, is redundantly overused.
Try new options: museums, car shows, arboretum.

Sex? Keep your body in shape. Activities up. You’ll be fine, here.

Cooking–Learn to cook “good.” Take a class, learn to fix a great meal, and invite your S/O over for dates. Lighting candles. Learn about wines. Make your own cocktails. Visit off-the-boulevard bars, talk and sip your drink! No Rush, Just Relax!

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