Best Days

Recently, I had read a quote, that left me thinking. Not necessarily, in a good way–“Be patient, your Best Days are Coming.”
I was left with a bad taste from this statement. Yeh, it is “nice,” to think we’ll see better days ahead; but, what about the present?
Do we always, need to look ahead? Can we not “be in the moment,” and whatever comes along “accept it, and move forward.”

I’m frequently told of “how strong I am,”  I don’t like that description of myself. Because I don’t want to be an example of a “strong woman.”
I want to be myself! Not put on a “strength act.” I just want to tackle the ‘tough days and enjoy the good days.’

I cry and have sadness, just as everyone else. And, tend to dwell on the bad, too long. Thing is, I am aware where there “is good,” they’ll certainly be “the bad.”

Some events, had occurred that had “made zero, sense to me,  I let it bother my happiness, “far too much.” Those days are “over,” whoever, was “behind that mess,” should be prepared to “be strong.”

No, I’m not Strong, I’m resourceful, determined, a good person overall; maneuvering, thru life is, at times, difficult, “better to just “go with it,” yoyr Best Days are looking right at ya.’

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