Loud music,
She practices her chops,
Louder and louder,
She waits,
No one cares,
A wasted breath,
Her room crowdier,
A tool for annoyance,
Her lips speak nonesense,
An age,
Of knowing nothing,
She thinks,
Tormentors, are rolling,
Just bulliers,
In disguise,
Yanking her chain,
To fit their demise,
Hey you dumbass,
They use anyone,
Who’ll play,
Their made up “sissy game,”
She a fool,
Knowing no street rules,
Being taken advantage,
A lesson,
Learned, later in age,
Maybe, in college,
A friend will engage,
As most things,
This won’t go away,
Without therapy,
Another sprint,
To find her peace,
She thinks is hers,
No release,
other side,
Took her for a ride,
Poor lil thing,
Was it Pride, money?
She don’t know,
Eat Crow. 

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