Hot Enuff For Ya’

Nothing, goin’ on, i need to write,
It is hot in here,
Sun beaming down, for spite,
Temp says hotter for today
What does it matter?
Too hot for play,
At work, indoors,
Cold air blowing, to my core,
Texas heat, ain’t no game,
An hour hotter than hell,
Yes a cliche’ish, still a shame,
If you look for me, later,
Go to a pool,
‘Cause we’re too close to equator,
Not cool,
If only Texans can hold out,
A little while longer,
While, the sun spitefully shouts,
Y’all texans need to get Stronger,
Not my desire,
To withstand heat,
I am a whiner and a crier,
The Sun’s a damn creep,
In time we’ll cool down,
Maybe, by October,
Surely, by then Mother Nature will hit town,
With her pleasant Fall weather,
Trees will shed,
Outside get togethers,
Luckily, my birthday arrives too,
Lower temps, I’d much rather,
Be cooler outside, than inside blue,
Mr or Mrs Sun,
Please turn around,
Your days are outnumbered,
A cold wind will soon blow in town.

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