A Love_ly Lady

Folks, has Hollywood come’calling,
Is there time left to lose some inches?
If so, better get prepared for mind-blowing ‘balling,’
It appears, directors, producers, actors,
Are flauntingly, masquerading as grinches.

Here’s my story of a fascinating lady,
Who was monotonously chased & harassed,
She would cry and beg her family, For help,
They all just laughed.

Then one day, came a miracle,
She began to see,
A design, a plan, all satirical,
but who can it be?

So she investigated, googling online,
punching in letters and names,
in a fashionable beat,
to resolve a menacing crime,
she shrugged in haste, “undoubtedly, it was all set-up to frame.”

Everyday more and more learned,
Her vast diary filled with facts,
All the tables had turned,
Uncovering indisputable “genuine contacts.”

Hoping to find this secret fellow,
or whomever, could be so inquisitive,
Spending money & time on the color yellow, ‘yes yellow,’
But what does this all mean, “Not a celebrity, or especially competitive.’

What a shame, to waste time as this,
Even though technology has improved,
It should not be used to bully, I haughtingly confess,
We’re all in this, “Not just me, I am deeply moved.”

What may be next, for such an elaborate crime,
A powerful group, equipped to the nines,
I spend days filled to write, and rhyme,
Each and every day, I reflect in my head,
Loudly, I wail and whine,
ghostly person, “Are you finished yet?”
A queerily, bazaar replies, “not quiet,” I need more time.

Tripping by this plan,
Can ruin any dream,
Even Robin and Batman,
Would be perplexed, “Nothing is, what it seems.”

Well, folks my 10 minutes of fame,
Turned into a few forgotten, troubled years,
I stumbled upon this outlandish- game,
It has lasted far longer than my tears.

A few legal experts, a lengthy police report,
Could the end, finally, “be in sight?”
Or shoved in a junk drawer, I must resort,
To find my freedom, “I search and fight.”

When did this so-called “cam” addiction “even” begin,
Closing-in on my home life, as if,
I were locked in an adult playpen,
To the honorable court, I turn and recite,
“Had I mistakingly signed a contract for this,” muttered a hostile plaintiff?”
“Or have I, mistakingly lost all my U.S. citizen rights?”

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