A Shiny Moment…

its been a long time,
since, i saw him last,
those pretty eyes, blue in color,
with a tinge of green,
he has grown, quite big,
since holding him xmas eve,
her, she still smiles,
but has changed,
i wonder what is wrong,
she is trying to be,
someone, but who, who knows,
but, she still smiles,
that’s good,
he is sensitive, playful,
adorable, he is so perfect,
i am content there,
it feels good, to not think,
about the aggravation, from
wherever you are, uh i dreaded,
to leave, my mind returning,
to you, you spit, snot,
go away, already,
you know, i know,
and it is not cool,
fake stories, erroneous somethings,
i guess to you, i have Stupid,
written across my head,
you’re the type, i can see that,
i am not playing,
a pathetic plan to bind me,
while you slowly befriend my
taking away precious moments,
you disgust me.

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