As I See, You…

My Prompt Today: “Arrogant”

A person that can smile a messy-grin,
Look at you straight in the eye,
With no flinch, seeks to win,
Never a shift, even slightly, to the other side,
or cry, or even a sigh,
No excuses, this is true to form arrogance.
If you are their friend,
You already know,
You’re on your own, till the end,
A cynical person, never grows old,
Only changing appearance, no substantial growth,
Deep inside, you see their fault,
Fix them, or not?
Or Let them never be caught,
In a web, outta ctrl,
Learn from mistakes,
And surely, they’ll see the hate.
Surely, arrogance is a sign,
Of unwillingness, to be
I must resign,
Any person as this is silly,
Always right, what a pity,
I’ve better things to do than see
Your frailties,
You know your game, is lame,
Not my problem, I choose
The high rode, my Lost Buddy.

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