In The End, “I Win”

You know when you finally “swell up,” and know you’ve tried your best with people and find yourself “climbing up the mountain, that is too slick from intense raining,” therefore, you ‘throw up your hands, in despair.’ I have reached that point, and it feels great! I will walk away, not run ‘seeking something’ but will walk away. The freedom is nice when everything comes into perspective, that long tunnel is no longer that long, it’s not as dark and cloudy anymore. As I lay next to the open shades by the window, I look-up and see some difference in the skies, they’re bluer than before, the sun is prettier, with much affect. I am calm, my longing for freedom has approached and I am free of a long-term pain that has enveloped my outside, inside, everywhere I turn world.

It feels good to see, really see, be heard, if only by me, I am heard. Those who toyed, enjoy, whoever you are, enjoy learning about yourself, as I have. I know far more than you’ll ever know, I took turns into a world where You can only think of. I made it through and Here I Am, still standing.

If you could remember me as before,
I was living my life, as a robot running,
Press the button to the left, I was sure,
That I could make it, by noon to the store,
Then drive home, start dinner, wash clothes,
Set the table, relax, eat, all by ten o’clock
Who was I fooling, this miserable life, was a bore.

No time off, for rest and relaxation, only dream
Of a vacation,
Days filled of business: waking, driving, home, work was everday,
Bed was more like a “hit me in the head, with a bottle,”
I was exhausted like a burned-up, unlit candle,
So many times I’d hit the sheets, and couldn’t remember
A bazaar, over-scheduled day, of more ‘gas and throttle.’

In the midst, of a well-planned distraction,
I lost “my touch,” and left perplexed,
Was I experiencing a modern-day hex,
Of which, my eyes were wide-open, my ears too,
These new challenges, could they be true,
Or hallucinatory, from my heavy-duty lifestyle,
In memory, I took long drives just to re-find my,
Natural “smile.”

This was a wake-up call, I concede, some things in life
I do not need,
As I kept climbing, My feet began to trip,
Once that begins, you start to skip,
Time fades, memories began to lose sight,
Laid my head on the pillow at night,
And I found that I was, In Fact, a theory of
Someone’s dream to change my world, fix me,
Help me, using “tricks” to pull me back,
From a life, that results in heart attacks.

To my unknown attacker, who I cannot see,
Today I have grown, It is plain as can be,
Simple arithmetic, or abc,
I dodged your hurdles, jumped those walls, to win,
And I did, in fact, beat you, ‘I won,’
Ran faster, beat harder,
I am still standing, mentally exhausted, “I think?” 
I’ve lived on the fast-train so long,
No idea of being ’emotionally drained,’
Sank down very low,
Came back up, to tell a tale, of strength,
TO sow,
I am very strong,
AND you know, the end has rewards,
Unlike cowards,
For me, I have Finally Caught The Freedom Train!




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