In Re: JD

Just read an interesting Rolling Stone article about Johnny Depp, this morning. I was captivated by the name involved, so reading the story was a no-brainer. I have seen some of his movies, one of my very favorite movies is where he plays the writer Hunter S. Thompson (which according to the article was a close friend, of his), and I have watched it many times. He is charismatic, his natural strong features ‘appeal.’ He portrays cool, easily. Johnny Depp is unique, laid-back, very cool.

According, to the article he has been somewhat naive and very giving to family and friends. Yeah, so what? He made a lot of money, he wasn’t exactly poor, and I betcha’ they’d help him out if the situation were reversed. There is no use in being petty, here. This guy is/was loaded. I guess, his heart was too big though, and he went overboard. But you know, you are either a narcissist or too impulsive, pick one or try to maintain the middle-ground.

Anyway, the story kept me involved, I looked up the writers’ descriptive vocabulary that to which I am not acccustomed and to confirm the paragraphs (bon vivant, insouciant?), cause’ I want to know exactly what led him to this nonsensical bankrupt situation. “He was wealthy,” and now he isn’t? It is very bazaar, that anyone could end up financially drained after being wildly successful. I read he has made an overall $650 million reaching almost a billion dollars and now he is rich-poor. Well, rich to him isn’t like regular people living in suburban neighborhoods with 2.5 children, that drive a leased over-sized SUV. Being rich to me is being able to pay bills, live, shop some, enjoy a splurge every now and again.

Sadly, I am merely guessing, that J.D. must cut-back now on the niceties that he has been enjoying, thus far, and resort to “getting-by,” meaning a far different lifestyle, at least, until a new “fabulous movie,” is out, where he recoups and surpasses his customary income. I have to admit, his story and many others’ shock me. I mean, if they can’t handle their business when there is more than plenty of resouces, options, then “what-if,” one of us “hits the jackpot,” what shall become of our financial future? It makes you think.

I am still recovering from the recent death of Anthony Bourdain. The man had it all, money, a great job, dressed cool, and had lots of friends, good ones. But there was “a missing,” something, but what, “we’ll never know, for sure.” It sets me back to hear these things about people that have so much but really “nothing.”

These children are laughing at the public park today. They have this ‘free entertainment.’ The handful of parents casually chat with each other. It is hot today, but they seem quite alright. They’re not wondering about lawsuits and shitty people stealing their worked-for money, or dealing with people, (in their inner-circle), who are “up to no-good,” nope,’ they just smile out here, their children are happy, and so they are, too.

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