I Know This Face…

Another Sunday, awoke to manic monday, and now reflecting on the week end.  My eyes are tired, I have energy, I feel good, overall. I received new photos of my baby grandson.  There is nothing so “magic,” to change your perspective as the smiling face of a baby.

His face is familiar, I know those perfectly formed lips, round light blue eyes, bubblegum-cheeky face. I know this face, well.  A serious, (studying you), look on his face.

I watch the photos arrive, he is growing, trying to raise himself from the floor.  “Modern technology is sweet,” I am benefiting nicely from videos, pics.  When you have limited time with the closest people in your life, technology gets “high-fives.”

“Love unconditionally,” is as real as life gets.  A grandbaby that shares features of my daughter.  I am blessed.


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