Be Nice-er

My social media is inundated with comments concerning mental health.  Everyone weighs in when celebrities are involved, “we’re all important to someone,” I keep thinking.” But are we being good friends to those in our circles?  No one is perfect, and we can’t take on the world’s problems.  However, if a person in your inner circle is having a rough cycle, can you “Stop, a few minutes and lend an ear?”

I believe suicide is horrible, and avoidable.  I was told once that ,”suicide, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”  How sad a quote, and truth, in the worst form.  I think we all know at least a few people that we really love and I think concentrating on them and their needs will benefit you and their outlook.  If everyone tried that, I believe, suicides could be drastically diminished.

It’s the worst news to hear of, someone ending their own life.  Their friends, family are usually clueless of what led to their suicide.  Withdrawals, addictions, alienation, rough patches, are all potential red flags.  I’m not a psychiatrist or anywhere close to being a mental health specialist but I have common sense.  I can tell clearly when someone is sad, unusually happy, or going down a rough road.

I’ve actually encountered several “potentials,” that made me think outside the box about what I could say or do to help them. So far, I’ve not known anyone close to me commit suicide.   As far as I know, I do not know anyone who has given up either.  I always want to help, it’s nature for me.  I assume we’re all the same and try to be helpful in crisis.

As I responded earlier to a suicide commenting section, the Sex and the City gals were a great example of being a true friend.  Remember, Carrie jumping out of bed on NYE to visit her friend.  The weather was blustery, icy slush on the weathered New York streets, she ran, hailed a cab to meet up with Miranda, who was all alone for the evening.  It’s a tv show, now rerun, but the events hold true to each one of us, to step out of your “closed tight box, lift a finger and be a Carrie.”

The circle I have is small because of personal choices and a host of reasons.  However, I do love some people and I cannot turn my back on them.  Some refer to, too much of “being tbere,” as “being used,” but if you truly love someone, that’s not it at all.  You do not want them hurting and most certainly do not want to grieve in the aftermath of a suicide or attempt.  It’s not okay to ignore signs, “red flags,” we are only human is what I keep hearing, “let us be better humans.”


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