Once again, I am on the road, “to where, I’m not sure.” I do know, sitting around doing hardly anything “fun or memorable,” is certainly not the path I had envisioned for my adult life, post raising children.

Everyone is all grown up now, living their independent lives, and I have found my own world idled.  Of which, I cannot tolerate for very long.  I am not a personality that spends mindless hours watching tv, if I do, it’s temporary and wears off quickly.

So, I grabbed some clothes and set out for another adventure for the umpteenth time.  I’ve cruised cities and states that have been foreign to me, until Nov 2016.  No, I’m not depressed, anxious, suffering empty nest or any of that, I flat just want to enjoy myself.  Is that a crime?  Also, I am single, looking but not desperate.  “One is not able-bodied forever, we must take advantage while we can.”  My quote, of many quotes, where I sum up Life, and it’s many challenging situations.

I have taken a lot of photos since I began writing about the sites along the roadways.  The immense changes from the Western U.S. to the East, South, and North is “significant and natural beauty.” The magnolia and pine trees, magnificently showing off, perfectly aligned, along the roadside.  “Breathtaking,” to say the least.

It may be redundant to retake pics of the same type of trees,  but I will without hesitation.  Maybe this journey will end soon, I hope so.  There’s a list of dreams I’d like to get back to, without outside interferences. Pun intended….


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