Is This Fake, Too?

Just this past week, I shuffled through “my news worthy items,” or rather, important must reads that I want to know.  I’ve read some devastating, heart-wrenching news that turns out “was not actually, true.” I guess, in a way, if a fake news story had related that a well-known celebrity had died and a few days or weeks later, I came to know that the facts were misconstrued to sell stories, “Make Money,” and I found beyond truth the person were alive and well, “what a relief.”

It’s the effect of reading these horribly sad stories of death and being led to believe “an untruth.” My favorites are but a few and I tend to “follow their works.” May it be acting, singing, art, politics, writing, if their output had inspired, or their creative skill intrigued me, I wanted to know more about them:  past, childhood, education. I am inquisitive by nature, it’s of interest to me to know where a person comes from to become so “powerful in their work.”

So, this past week I have read Kate Spade had died, “suicide.”  A very successful fashion designer, by appearances had everything, imaginable.  She had a daughter in school, at the time of her death. I thumbed through highlighted news briefs and wasn’t sure if this was actually true.  Since, I recently found that the rocker Eddie Money would be appearing in concert outside of Arizona.  I was shocked by the billboard proclaiming the upcoming scheduled appearance, because a few months ago, I had read he had died.  I remember seeing this on a television entertainment news station, as well.  This is an injustice of the worst kind, to print such a lie.

Yesterday, once again I am thumbing through news feeds and there’s the usual Royal news, “I love this stuff.”  A unbelief that I cannot grasp, as I am typing this, Anthony Bourdain has died?! Is this real news or fake news?  Please tell me, it’s Fake!  I’ve watched his shows for years, and his enjoyable personality tripping on exotic foods.  Whether dining in a nice restaurant, picnicking on a ground with a roasted pig, utilizing chopsticks to fuel himself, drinking beer and having fun conversations, he was/is a favorite.

I had no clue by his tv persona that life was amiss, he’s cool, cooler than most men.  I hope what I have read is false, it’s like losing a close friend.



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