Not Me, Or You


Why is it so important to be vulnerable?  As a woman, I have found that many females use their vulnerability to receive certain “gifts.”  Some men will pay the gfs rent, bills, clothes, spa treatments, cosmetic surgeries, etc.  I know, because I’ve heard personal recounts since I was in my teens.  I thought it was disgusting then, as I do now.

When I see a single mom living, barely surviving, with little to no support, but her hair is perfectly styled with “Not store bought haircoloring,” — “no, this hair has all the professional touches of a salon.” This and her “nails are well manicured,” flawlessly painted, “an up do that only a pro can do.” She obviously has a boyfriend, that is “helping with these little things.”

Speaking from experience, I know a single mom cannot afford any extras for herself.  Only, in certain circumstances. Maybe a work bonus, extra overtime hours, etc.  Other than that, no way, are you going to treat yourself to a luxury.  Your children always “come first.”

So, men apparently will “fork over, money,” for their woman?  Hmm, I’ve yet to see that. But, I’m not a soft-spoken, broken woman.  I work for the things I need.  No one taught me to find a boyfriend, to help me.  Plus, anyway, I’m not going to accept gifts from just any man.

I find it completely unacceptable to use men for “free stuff.”  They expect it?  I don’t care.  I’m not looking for men to support me.  Nor, will I put on an act of being submissive. I know who I am: strong-willed, smart, ridiculously fun, very cool.  If a man is looking for a good person, a nice lady, that he doesn’t need to stress out over or babysit, then I’m her.  By babysit, I meant that, I do not need to be watched over, I can do lots of things without help.  If he is looking for a “yes, woman” keep walking….

In the time, of sexual harassment being a “hot topic,” women should probably stop being such a “door mat.” I’ve read more and have seen far too much of mental, physical abuse and harassment.  It’s awful for a woman to be treated so disrespectfully anywhere. We are mother’s, daughters, aunts, grandmother’s.  All these titles, stand for a strong job!  It’s very difficult being a mom.  You have to raise your children up to be independent, respectful, and it’s not easy.  But are women lowering themselves, far too low?  Are men thinking that women are looking for bad treatment, in exchange for gifts? As I stated, no man has given me expensive gifts. Then again, I do not put myself in a position where he “thinks he should, help me.”

I do know of several women that have received a regular dose of humiliation, physical abuse and receive designer  clothes, new car (maybe), home with a pool or spa.  It’s sad to me to see someone tolerate abuse for a few perks. I mean, if the guy really loved you, wouldn’t he treat you as such? I’m broken from listening to these stories…

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