From, Another’s Point


Driving to new cities and seeing scenery I’ve never seen before; while, I think what drove me to “escape, this far.” A bitter sweet poignant fact of life. However, it is, I have chosen to take a “higher road,” and not sit home and mope. I visited a relative last week that was happy about everything, all smiles. Even though she had an abundance of problems. I stood close by listening to her tales, I was saddened.
My story is “beserk,” I deal with it head forward. My emotions need talk. Therefore, I will tell you what’s on my mind without any regret. Our juxtaposition was relatable but we dealt with it entirely differently. She prefers to live in “A happily ever after,” state of mind. I can’t even understand people like that. They hold in too much, never examining their feelings. I’d be a walking time-bomb. I cannot sit back and watch.
My hope is one day, really soon, for this weird set of coincidences to end. She has yet to accept her problems, I’ve no clue what she wants. Until, then, ta-da.

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