Miss This, Miss That,


A knock on the door is now a phone beep or a quick ring in a tone that may resemble chimes, a jazz theme, pop song.  “TECH” is the modernized way to communicate.  The postal service still stands in every community, “I think, so.” We still have stamps, too.  Recently, I went out of town, and thought how unusual but ingenious to buy a few post cards.  I did.  I have yet to mail the cards, though.  eh, it’s the thought that counts. 

But the deal is, I felt like trying “a lost, treasure.” Mailing.  Which is considered archaic.  Call it old-school, or whatever, but I miss some things from my old lifestyle.  Upside though, the internet is “awesome.”  I can type out poems, edit, and zip them right through. That’s totally!  In some country towns, there are no internet connections, “How on earth, can I live without it, now?  It’s like taking candy from the baby, it just ain’t right!  So, our way of life has changed for the better or worse, “get over it.”

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