Are You, Okay?


Am I guilty of being a human? Of living My Life as I choose to! Too many, “have their nose, in my business.” Are you jealous? If so, jealous of my beautiful daughters; my natural ability to “treat everyone, the same, regardless of their skin color, weight, social situation.”

Is it my fault, that I practice to become better “not perfect,” I want to stay busy and utilize my brain, until the very end. I am not rich, I do not drive a fancy car, or live in a prestigious neighborhood. These are material items, and worthy of jealousy, to many.

I am not envious of anyone. You’ll never see me bow my head shamefully, upon hearing your “good news.” As others have done to me. Once, that trust has been “bent,” we aren’t the same. We are now by name but nothing more.

Why must you seek to bring me down? I’m not unhappy. I do not have mood changes. But you continually seek to find something to “ride with” as if, it’s a challenge or attack to discredit my Life? If I were mentally ill, wouldn’t you think, that what your doing is beyond psychiatric torment.

Yes, I am guilty, being myself. You, on the other hand, are guilty, of hatred, bigotry, racisism, discrimination, sexism. Truth Shall Set You Free.

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