Lest, “I Leave”


“No, need my dahling!” I do not wish to go back with you to the States! That’s just the way it is, now. But, listen I’ll miss you, “please come back with me?” No, I hate it there, I had lots of memories that I’d like to forget, sooner than later. I agree, that we faced hurdles, but everyone does, “They fight their way through.”

I do not care what point(s) you make, its rubbish to me. Oh you’re speaking the language, here? I see, you have found this to be your new “home.” That’s correct, you know I’ve excelled in this environment; being, around like-minded people. Not one new acquaintance has made me feel, “uncomfortable.” There has been kindness, every step I take! The waitress, cashier, postal service, have been incredible. Plus,  it’s been awhile, since I’ve experienced such a nice feeling.

My old life was full of “assumptions and masks,” I knew no one. Everyone put on an air of hatred behind me, “in front, there were smiles.” After time the “real people,” came through. I left to find a better life, before I get too old to enjoy myself. One thing, I will say and do not forget:  if you fail to make good choices,  later on in life, you may feel regret and the memories may “bring you down.”

I have no desire to find myself aged and had made a crabby ol’basket of worn out friends that weren’t that nice! This is my chance of starting anew and the stars have lined up! Enjoy yourself, you’ve great friendships, that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I am choosing this life. Cheerio!

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