Seein’ Is Believin’



I wished someone, something, bothering me would disappear,
This problem is difficult, and will frequently reappear,
It is said that we should focus on Number One,
How then am I in your outlandish orchestration?
No way, could I ever understand,
What is liberty and honor, in this so-called promised land,
Each time, I seek answers to my questions,
I find it’s a futile attempt, leading to depression,
Where, is such a place, to find hope?
This place here, I seek ways to just cope,
Life goes on, without dignity and respect,
Without assistance, its up to me find the suspect,
Vile intentions can ruin, more than a single day,
An entire life, dreams and hopes end in dismay,
Leaving an internal scar a mile long,
Wrapped tightly throughout the body to merely string-a-long,
Then one day, eyes will open wide,
No longer allowing this scar to cause turmoil inside,
You always knew God was there riding along, carrying you,
Peace of Mind, No Longer suffering, You’ve Found “A Breakthrough.”

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