Wasteful Thinking


It’s rather odd to try online dating, in my opinion. First, you fill out the information: user name — something catchy, sexy, fun, or settle for the actual given name; birth date — easy enough; a password — again, another item to remember; preferences of potential date candidate — height, weight, smoker, education, employment, income.

Then, some matches! Whoopee!! Go through the list, and single out the best.  And commence the online dating world of messaging until a date is set. Depending on who the person is will indicate what happens, and for how long this will take.  They may have many “potentials” on the line, you may be a pastime for gab. And nothing more.

A date, finally.  You’re meeting him or her in person for the first time! How on earth can anything ever be more awkward?  I’ve asked that to myself a million times! I miss the old way of things: dating, is on the top of the list. I can remember every man that caught my attention, in person, by name.  However, online – I can’t remember anything about them.  There’s no real connection, over  technology. You can “ghost” them, “block” them, “date others,” and they’ll never know because it’s all about typing and acronyms! BRB, OMG, LOL, ETC.

I am sure there have been many success stories from online dating.  Face-to-face are long-term, sometimes. If you met him or her online, they may keep the site active to possibly “date others,” which is a downfall but worth considering, this could prove to be a time waster!  You jump online to set-up for a chat; thereby, avoiding going outside enjoying yourself, meeting other “potentials.”  This may go on for months or  many years!  And then, it Stops!  You’ve gained zilch, but have lost plenty:  time, you’ve aged, friends. This is the epitome of awkward! Who could understand this love “you speak of, show affection for,” when they’ve never even met?

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