Little Me, Big U


Now let me get this straight: talking about “me” is bad,
But if I talk about you, it’s good, that’s rad,
On the right track now, per you,
So, you are into me talking about you, but in reverse, it’s not cool,
It’s given a name to even the game,
Narcissism! For heavens sake, it’s plain,
You can surely see, this isn’t fair,
What a shame, you get all the fame!
Basically, you can play me,
I disagree, formally,
Discredit my intentions,
An unhonorable mention,
There seems to be,
A crack in formality,
Where you’re always making better decisions,
If I do so, there’s a division,
Where’s the line,
Of fairness, stop the labeling,
Not me doing this babbling,
You need attention, again, boo
I’ve no intention of joining you,
In this pathetic vision,
Stop assuming, you know who I am,
When you don’t know me, I want a revision,
You’re far too proud!
But that’s how you are,
You’re always the Star,
Lights Out, Show is Over,
With your attitude, you’ll go Far,
In your eyes, I’m into me,
Not my fault, I prefer to be free,
I listened, but wasn’t impressed,
You aren’t like the rest, You’re less!

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