Beep-Beep, Not A RoadRunner



As I was driving, the roads were being worked on, it seemed like every turn was another construction of road workers. Lucky for me, I know the “backroad paths.” I was in a bit of a hurry though, these roads off the beaten path are not always the best decision. And it is getting late, I have an appointment. I had to make quick decisions. To wait in traffic or proceed with the 2nd decision to turn off.
You can sure bet, I took the roads. Turning left, then travel 3/4 mile, turn right over the makeshift bridge. Country driving isn’t always ideal. There’s scenery: deer, cows, horses, unleashed dogs. No place, for someone with a preference to city living. After several twists and turns, high hills, low hills, then I found a stop sign. I missed seeing these lovely red octagonal shaped words.
This paved road connects to my designated route. I turn left, make an increase in acceleration and “see brake lights,” ahead. Oh no, more road work! Yellow warning signs are littering the roadside. Gasp!
So, in the car, I am faced with finding another alternative route, I’m running late, the traffic is backed up. A premature decision to exit off into more twists and turns, may result in even more delay. I choose to “stay put.” The traffic slows to a crawl for blocks, and then it opens up for faster moving. I made my appointment early enough to sit still a few minutes and breathe. Well, at least until, the receptionist opened the double door, “next in line.” I smiled.

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