A Freckled Test of Faith


A routine face wash. That was the beginning of a small crisis. Under my right eye in the softer area I noticed a freckle. Hmm, “What is this?”  Years of teenage swimming pools, bike riding, tanning surely could catch up with me. There were studies and warnings in every doctor office I have ever been to: skin cancer protection, pamphlets.

Early in life, I tanned and rarely sunburned. Texas Summers were hot! As a young high schooler, I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. A surefire medicine for anything is to get out of the house, away from electronics. I do not apologize, I took advantage of the sunshine!

So, a little freckle had formed “right before, my eyes.” For the next few days, I would monitor this brownish speck. As I had feared, it became a rough patch and seemed to be getting bigger! I continued to watch it. Not sit still and watch it; passerby like, watching.

The days, became weeks, the freckle turned to a reddish bump. Still rough to the touch. I began asking others what they thought. As always, replies were, “See a doctor.” That’s strange, because in other areas of life, I am not advised to see an attorney, an accountant. I’m merely, asking for a differing opinion, to ease my mind.

I had pictured all the usual preconceived ideas: Cancer. I have known several people deal with the treatments, it’s awful. However, a reminder, that I had spent a lot of time in the sun, and enjoyed every minute, I cannot complain! GUILTY!

The freckle — now, sore — turned 3 weeks old; not a celebration of cake and balloons! It’s still there, right there looking at me, annoying me. I cannot get a quick Dr appointment, soon enough.  To combat the worrying, I see an ER nurse practitioner at a hospital 1 hour away. As I predicted, a wasted trip!  But, good news, sort of.  Per her, the medical professional, “It doesn’t look cancerous.” Her words, “I’ve seen skin cancer,” all this being said in a overall smiling, happy disposition. Dude, listen, “Well, what is it?” I don’t know, without tests. I left.

A million dollar Question! One of which, is difficult to answer, as so, it appears. Apparently, I have to be patient! This “thing, still belongs to me, the rightful owner,” so I had decided to see another doctor. There recommended to another doctor. Oh more news, not especially good but not too bad either. There appears to be discrepancies concerning my blood pressure. “Oh man, now this,” I am falling apart! This good doctor prescribes a “multi-tasking, pill.” Under the pharmacology language, this is a beta blocker. Or as I prefer to call it, “magic med.” In 1 day, really, in 1 day, I feel good, not just good, Great! There’s more to this visit than I ever imagined! Once again, the good news being, “no one has pronounced my sore, as serious.” Just an “eyesore,” no pun intended.

This last doctor specializes in ENT matters. He is a doctor, which counts for telling me, what’s this on my face, accurately. “I can trust that, he knows.”  In 15 minutes, he swabs the area, checks my throat glands for swelling, open mouth “aaahhhs” to rule out mouth diseases, checks ears with scope.

I received a head to toe physical, all for my “freckle growth.” This doc tells me he is going on vacation to Italy, through May! Yes, I can tell, he’s definitely Italiano! Some bad news, he prescribes an ointment for an infection. My job is to apply the med to the spot until he returns. If it goes away, no more worry, no surgery, (so far, it has not). If remains as is, I will have an outpatient surgery to, (get this), “cut it out.”

You mean, “literally use surgical instruments to paralyze the infected site, and scalpel my face!” According, to what I’ve read, this is quickly done! But still?! It is qualified as surgery! Whether it’s fast, quick or days of staples and gauze.

There’s a very slight change, to my condition. The bump is stable; No temperature as of yet, thank goodness; no headaches, yay!; no blood, but there had been, a little; it’s a “wee bit” lighter, not quite as red; I can walk, okay; speech coherent; vision unaffected; just the usual side effects and symptoms of worry, confusion, frightened, are all faithfully intact. My new “beta magic med,” can be helpful to combat depression and/or loss of appetite from the upcoming appointment.  Oh, did I mention, on Mother’s Day, I wrestled the 5 steps leading downward, to get to my car! Nothing broken, per Xray acknowledgement. It’s sore though, my rib cage on the left side is sore.

I choose not to let this “tiny somethin’or’ other, infect my soul; for its new role; is nothing but trouble; onto surgery on the double; in a few weeks, I’ll be my old newly, medicated self again, but not missing this arrogant facial bubble.”

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