My Thinking Is Thin, Today?


As you know, there are many uses of thin. For instance, thin crackers, thin ice, thinning hair, and the forever popular Thin Man, a detective series in black and white, the weight issues; being, thick or thin.

My mind prefers not to be redundant,
For thin, I cannot think,
To utilize this word, to be abundant,
This time my mind is on the blink.

Why not choose another,
Crisp, healthy, chaos, horse,
This sample is no bother,
And I shall finish my daily prompt course, without remorse.

So, thin it is, this is a rhyme whiz,
As with many words, any word may work,
But we’re using thin, “what gives?”
I’ve racked my thinker, I’m now berserk.

The use of thin, reminds me,
Do not overuse it,
Racks my brain again, to the tenth degree,
Of my increativeness, I admit.

I thin plants, my curly hair, too,
As the saying goes, “spreading yourself too thin,”
Other areas to thin I also, pursue,
thin, I seek to win.

Through thick and thin,
Sorting through the mass,
I seek to find a pattern again and again,
I give up on finding a place for thin, at last.

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