To The Royals, This Poem I Share

A family of Royalty,
A Queen, and a King,
This family a storybook fantasy, “A mystery to me,”
I follow their stories, not surprising,
There’s a celebration, in the air,
Do not despair,
For Princess Diana will not be there,
Of that, we are all, well aware,
I am an American, I do care,
William and Harry have chosen a mate,
Through all infinity, they will relate,
This is all pure fate,
Kate was the chosen bride of Will,
Now with three children, what a thrill,
She’s gorgeous, representing the royals,
All the characteristics from sweet to loyal,
Harry was a bachelor,
Now, he’s engaged, “He found her!”
It is big news when a royalty,
Plans a birth to a wedding,
On television, this Saturday,
Megan an actress from LA and Prince Harry a British heir to star,
I am betting,
Viewers of every Nation,
Watching their nuptials take place,
St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle,
So much fanfare, and elation,
Will Harry wear a tassle?
That was silly,
This couple is as regular as you and me,
Lest, the signifying stamp of being, “Royalty,”
A bloodline of centuries,
Queen Elizabeth, King Philip,
Writing that line was a wee bit nostalgic,
For in my country,
We have a President and First Lady,
That arrive by voting and logic,
When it comes to fancy heirs,
This news, I do follow and share,
Like Cinderella and her Prince,
I smile and wince for an instant
Patiently, I Wait For This Wedding To Commence!
Their titles,
Duke and Duchess of Sussex they will be,
This name of responsibility,
A 21 bedroom apartment home,
Address Kensington Palace, of rock and stone,
Built for this royal pair,
Good Luck, as their lango goes, “Best of British,”
This poem, I now finish, “au revoir, from everywhere!”

Copyright © 2018

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