Neighbor, Please

So what, “your neighbor just replaced her new car, again.” What is this, I can’t count. Why do some people desire to change, repeatedly? This is breakfast time chatter. The differences in our homes is so much more than the people inside living day-to-day; our DNA, mind, outlook, “pedigree.”

I like what I like, do not worry about me. However, I am interested as to why my neighbor routinely repurchases items, not just expensive stuff but little things, as well. Even her hair color! A delicate, petite lady, she is with hair — wild, blonde, now straight with a hint of wave. It’s not ugly, actually it looks good, always perfectly styled. Oh did I mention, she has a hair dresser that visits daily to primp her. I am certain her flashy, impeccable, tailored clothes were selected by a stylist.

“Can you get me, another piece of toast?” I’m hungry, stayed up late last night reading an interesting story about a woman being followed by a gang. It was surreal and I had a weird nightmare. This book could be a movie for the right director; however, I’d bet that Hollywood isn’t ready for this, “one!” It’s quite disturbing! You can read it after I’m done, but “fair warning,” it’s a sick’o novel, Stephen King scary in an Danielle Steele kinda way.

Good Lord, “do you see her, out there watering the lawn?” I mean, really, if you’re going to be a socially spoiled brat, then be so. But, look, don’t trip the script and start playing, “a domestic, chic,” this is confusing. Hell, I seen her buying girl scout cookies, like boxes of ’em. If I were in the psychology field, I’d be writing all this down, only to find myself with a case that cannot be ended, or as detectives call “cold case file,” my questions never answered. I think, she’s a perfect storm, well to chat about.

I bought a new blouse yesterday. It was on sale, you know something you don’t need but it’s cheap, so you go ahead and get it. One day, I may wear it. She always dresses great! I’ve got an idea! Maybe, I’ll stop over and visit her, in hopes her fashion stylist will drop-in and I’ll get some pointers on “dress to impress.” After all, she is my closest neighbor, why can’t I benefit, too? Manner of speaking, I need help in: planting, hairstyles, decorating. May as well, stock up on wine and ou d’oeuvres.

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