Selfish You

Me:  twirling my ring finger; there’s nothing on it, it’s a thing to do when boredom hits while driving

Friend:  why do you keep doing that?

Me:  That? What do you mean?  Oh, well I do not smoke, it’s an available finger, I don’t know

Friend:  it’s annoying me. Can you please stop, already?

Me:  sure I can stop, but it’s not a start/stop thing, it’s an unconscious habit, but I’ll try Your Majesty

Friend:  okay, thanks

Me:  repeating the habit again. I try to stop but I’m not able

Friend:  reaching for her cigarettes, lighting up

Me:  can you please stop smoking, that smell is deplorable

Friend:  Not yet, I’ll be finished in 10 minutes, tops

Me:  but I stopped for you

Friend:  I know but this is different

Me:  I see, my unconscious habit is controllable but yours is not

Friend:  right, still smoking

Me:  and I’m the so-called me person

Friend:  nods yes

Me:  eh,

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