Privacy Taboo’s

The diseases of a person, I cannot see,
Before lunch,
I suspect it’s up to you to tell me,
As you run to inject,
Something is not right,
But this may be a ridiculous hunch,
Isn’t my business, you think, “I may fright?”
You’re flushed sitting back at the table,
I’m thinking to myself,
“Where were you?” Struggling to speak, I’m not able,
I respect your wishes to privacy,
Obviously, you choose to keep it quiet,
And not tell me,
As we all know,
There are many health related diseases,
Mental is one part, medical another,
Kidney failure that took Elvin my bro, before he got old,
A transplant and dialysis is no breeze,
This loss of my brother, destroyed so much of my mother,
A diabetic takes a blood sugar test routinely,
Some are Type 1, Type 2,
Its a bit of a riddle, you see,
1 takes insulin, while 2 eats properly,
Severe illnesses, there are many,
Cancers attacking cells,
Breast, Pancreatic, Lung, Colon, costs a pretty penny,
The survivors are fighters, but you could never tell,
Each one had been through treatment hell,
Yet, you fret over the mind games,
Where mood changes are of severe highs an lows,
Maybe they’re having good reasons, to change,
You don’t always know,
There’s plenty of symptoms,
For us all to see,
I could list many of a rhythm,
Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD,
There’s no such thing as complete privacy,
Your life, your diagnosis, but if it were up to me,
HIPAA protects,
Not just the patient, but also their family.
If you tell your friends, that’s the end,
No more play to pretend,
Some people use your illness as their gain,
To cause you misfortune and shame,
Wreck your name,
Think who to trust,
A bad person you cannot adjust,
Their limited mind, I’m totally disgust.

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