MoM’s “WoW” Day

Mother’s Day, I glided down on the stairs and bruised my ribs,

Ended up in the ER getting an Xray,

Last year, as I recall — babysitting four bunnies, a goldfish, that’s no fib,

I had barbecued on the outside grill, that May,

With an umbrella intact,

I had enjoyed quiet time,

That’s an undeniable fact,

Those cute bunnies were a joy to watch,

Unattached umbrella, and high wind,

Pulled the ‘Brella high over the rooftop,

While, I sat mesmerized at the event of swirling,

I moved position,

Oh Look, watch out, ‘Brella is coming down straight to my head,

I once again transition,

Mom’s Day is always memorable, a day I do not dread,

Everday, they all are stars,

Equally important as the first,

I was injured briefly, its not a curse,

A day, I won’t forget, though, it is certainly not the worst…..

But listen here, I’m not slighted in the least,

I have a nice family,

That are fun and a joy,

There are good and bad days, for I accept happily.

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