A Poem, “Disappeared?”

Ah, the sight of suppression, how can this be?
I read all the best sites, to be socially,
A tweet, I see, strikes me,
My response, is posted faithfully,
Over and over, my posts go unnoticed,
There’s so much conflict with the WH and our POTUS,
A Poem I carefully wrote,
I thought alright,
It disappeared from the website,
Who are you this evil mess,
Are you a jealous genius,
Who reads my work, for you only to suppress,
I guess, this is due,
Surrounded by my intelligence, you feel less,
Hey, though Get a Clue,
Its my creativeness,
There’s no reason for this,
I will continue on as I choose,
Read my work, I don’t care,
Its on here for you to Share,
I reset this phone many times,
Changed the passwords, too,
Its “just the way it is,” according to you!

Per Glenda
The End!

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