David, Who?

I think your name is David, maybe it’s Jeff,
Not sure of either, Since, I’m not privy to
Its quite dumb actually,
At 53, I thought the childish ways were over,
Give a man the tools and he may work in the devil’s workshop,
I’m merely speculating,
Yes, I speak the truth, I’m certainly not hallucinating,
Obvious, to me you’re rich,
Dude seriously,
Grow Up, every woman ain’t chasing money,
Your ways are not attractive,
Scared me off a very long time ago,
I know what you’ve done,
I can see,
I cannot believe this b.s. is happening to me,
Well, this Dave person I do not or will not know,
You really are low,
This crap is finally Over,
I’m happy for me, I go on
Where or what will I be?
Any thing but a target for your spiteful game of deceit,
That damn novel,
Ewww, I wouldn’t buy it,
PTSD it screams,
Not me, but you who has it,
My Dr called and I’m healthy,
Thinking straight, mental fine,
Next I avoid those who participated,
I can’t trust them, they traded,
No byes, later, any hint of niceness,
Who even are you, no I don’t care,
You may think it’s true love,
Its not,
The similarities I found in the David book writer,
They’re uncanny,
Stick to your people, before you get sued,
If I change my mood,
Yes that’s crude,
Your group is cold and rude,
For the Last Time Go Away,
Never Return,
You’re obsessed,
I’m not, that is very true.

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