Pt 2, Crabby Poem

I met you on a street, named SandPiper,
You introduced yourself happy and hyper,
I was studying for my degree,
You a doctor of psychology,
Why, are you here, I asked?
You insist this gig is “chump change” not serious,
On further meetings, you tell me,
You’re dating someone named Jeff or Jeffrey,
He’s an engineer you say, not too cute, but he’s okay,
Someone to go on dates and share weekend play,
I don’t know, why all the opening up about your life,
You already said, three husbands ended in strife,
Some things you mentioned to me,
Communication Is The Key,
On this unusual sentence,
I reflect you as being someone’s apprentice,
As many singers do, writing about troubles,
It helps to put out there my new personal struggles,
Once you told me, “There’s a man who wants to be with you,”
And take care of you, but first some things you’ll have to do,
He’ll give you a job, don’t bother looking,
According to this message, my plans are reversible, there appears to be something cooking,
Then there’s the time we went to Midnight Cowboy for dancing,
You’ve invited a friend you had met, I think Favio was his name,
I thought this lame, wasn’t Jeff, “who you were romancing?”
Oh no you told me, “He had to go,”
After a year, he is no mo’
You knew everyone, at every place we went,
Knowing almost every detail about them, down to their money earned and spent,
You think I’m naive and dumb,
Lady you have no idea, I’m a step ahead of you, I follow the crumbs,
Its been since 2016 already, these happenings are meant to cause anxiety,
I have had my share of hard times, which prepared me for this unwanted notoriety,
You learned and studied to read people,
You told me your dates come and go, they act feeble,
My dear you’re no Spring Chicken either,
At 56, dating is like a marathon, take a breather,
I need you to enjoy your life, get out,
I’m tired of thinking you are holding me back, this I don’t doubt,
Since this began, No phone calls returned, no one talks to me,
Am I supposed to dread society,
No I will not succumb,
To your dream life, where my mind left numb,
I want to know, whose plan is this to ruin my life,
Were you hired from that man, who wants me as his wife?
Its not confusing at all, I used to sleep soundly now I count sheep to stall,
I thought this mess would blow over by last, last Fall,
It lingers on and on,
Ignoring my desire to live as an adult woman, Yawn,
You TJ asked me to meet your brother, he’s quiet and shy,
Would I call him up, he’s in Miami, too far to fly,
No way, TJ,
I’ve been watching you, listening to every word, waiting to see what’s this game you play?
I’ve dropped many who choose to manipulate,
My name is good, I won’t settle for less and cohabitate,
This story is tried and true,
If your reading girl, get a life, I won’t follow a clue,
You picked the wrong one for a fool,
I pay attention, fine tune the facts, I know you’re a tool,
These manipulative games, from the car radio tuned to repetitive songs,
I quit bothering to turn it on,
Elton John, Journey, Adele, AC/DC are all I hear,
What’s wrong with you, this is not sincere,
Synchronization is also weird,
I come out, the neighbor too, I change times and he too appeared,
Even the tv is rigged, wedding and engagements on every sitcom,
I can’t hardly catch an episode, I watch commercials of lip balm,
I joke about this because it’s all insanity,
To bully someone into therapy,
For you to win,
For Dave, your best friend,
There’s more to say, but for now I’ll stop and go,
I’m used to your b.s., and can handle it Bro, you got mow,
Hmm, I’ll turn the heat up, post pics of you,
Ruin you, as you have me, quit this bizarre game or check-in at the zoo!
I am totally free to do as I please,
You try to show me control and not be free,
I value Liberty, Stay Away From Me!

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