In Time, Everything Will Change


It has turned May, hip hip hooray,
Lots of obstacles to avoid as I begin Summertime play,
To my dismay,
I found out my hacker/lifecoach/mentor of life,
May be one of those disguised as sheep but wielding a knife.

I think, I’ll keep tracking through life as I may,
She/him/whatever, I don’t care who, can sit back and watch me as I pray,
Freedom of Speech, said the man behind the important desk,
He’s quite smug, fluid with his speech, he’s like all the rest,
No worry to me, I will continue being as happy as I can be.

The trees are blooming, flowers from seeds are growing,
There’s plenty to do, in this garden zoo, and also, weekly mowing,
The dahlias, caladiums, sunflowers, are coming up,
If these won’t fill you with joy, grab a coffee cup,
Sit outside, take deep breaths and watch as the flowers begin to erupt.

Things I do to cope, walk, ride a bike, write, do not mope,
For one day, you my mentor too, will be old and probably gloat,
I did not hire you to watch or want to care for me,
The truck I keep passing with the ad says TLC,
I guess, I’m stuck in my ways, I won’t change my individuality for no one, not even for family.

If I may, ponder a little more, what’s with the Stars,
You’re trying to harass me with your use of words, to attack my core,
I go on with my life in my usual way,
To my dismay, there are signs of you today,
You my cyber “quack” wish for me a heart attack?
Pull up your big gal pants, sit and nap,
You’ll never own my life,
I have common sense, to avoid your strife,
Take more psyche courses, if you may,
Don’t use the knowledge, to abuse you will lose,
If you get sloppy,
Be careful of a cop py,
For liberty and justice is for all,
You single minded fool, I hope you Fall.

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