Feel Good, And Laugh


Happiness is a wonderful gift,
A smile is a treasure and provides the ultimate lift,
There’s those 4 happy chem’s: serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin,
A relief of laughter is better than hearing Michelle Wolf roasting,
The Bad Chem is cortisol,
Watch out hear comes depression and crying for all,
Nothing better than sharing a laugh with a friend,
Battling each day through thick and thin,
Would it be a sin
To take a day off from work, “not check in?”
I prefer to live life out loud,
Unlike many, who run with the crowd,
I convince myself, that I hear,
It would be sincere,
To drop by the pub for a beer,
The sound of clinging, clattering of the glasses,
Where a bartender serves the masses,
I meet interesting customers as I am too,
This place can knock anyone out of feeling blue,
Its a warning to watch your limit, be graceful
Or else, don’t heed the Warning: you’ll be medicating your skull,
On cloudy days, I especially enjoy a quick stop,
By a mom ‘n pop,
There you’ll meet with the locals.
Standing around watching the men, my eyes focal,
These are the good ol’ timers, reflecting on war,
Sometimes about their families, or more,
Its their chore, to socialize, in turn, they’ll never bore,
Sharing a smile, laughter with others,
Is exactly the life any mother,
Would wish for their children, sister, and brother,
As I wake and contemplate my day,
I felt it important to wish for each of you,
To Laugh More, Relax the work will get done, and Have A Wonderful Day!🤗

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