Another Crabby Poem to Boot

I have spent the last two years being perpetually, inhumanely defeated,
Not being left to build my life alone, but mistreated,
I fell into a few traps along the way,
It takes me time to step back and think, that’s My Way,
Recently, I started googling attorneys to represent my case,
To regain my self-respect, dignity, I will replace,
The timing of phone calls, got my attention,
I arrive at my location and stop, the phone suddenly rings, I am now feeling tension,
After, over 24 months of this,
I have known something is amiss!
What is this synchronization?
Do we not live in a privacy protected, Nation?
Unfortunately, I find No answers, when I ask someone, “the reply is therapy,”
How can that Be, to seek counseling for a problem I cannot see,
There are only lawyers of personal injury for me,
But there’s no tangible proof, only my rendition orally,
This case is criminal I know that,
Laws are protection for all, not against, says so on the U.S. map,
I sought help many times from the legal pros,
Can you believe, I was told to pray about it, get counseling, and more!
I did not sign a contract, to be stared at,
There’s lots of clues that were given, from Erin to Kat,
Those names mean nothing to me, but incidentally,
Maybe relatives of the perpetrators family,
All this has affected me financially,
I wake up, turn over, phone rings suddenly,
How can anyone know this detail, “Unless they’re watching me sleep?” Nothing is so repeated coincidentally,
This is frightening, I cover my head with a sheet,
A bug in the home, “How can that be?”
Even I think that’s ridiculous and silly,
I don’t know, what’s happening in my world,
All I know is it’s very real, this attention is no pearl,
I make rhymes to pass the time,
Until the coast is clear, then onto the court system to sue for what is mine,
Tbere’s no cash for the precious time I’ve lost,
A lawsuit is the traditional way to offset the costs,
This is by no means my fault,
I only hope Very Soon that you my Cyber Stalker is caught,
Until then, I will plot,
As you do,
But with far less voodoo,
I choose to keep my sanity,
But you Dave. Eve, TJ are definitely crazy,
I gave you all a name or two. Some rhyme with witch,
Had to, or else, I flip the switch, and end up like you!

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