Where, The Grass Is Not Greener


Everyone knows someone that lives in a “bubble” I do too,
I think of them as The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe,
A person who is loud, proud, with strong opinions,
Born from day One, in a family worth millions,
They watch the current news, follow Twitter, Facebook,
However, their circle is so small, they never had met a crook,
They choose vacations on beaches with white sand,
They switch out once a year to take their children to Disney Land,
These utopian people have selected appropriate careers, mates, homes,
Their children are raised in private schools with little room to roam,
A home is equipped with a pet or two,
A dog or cat will only do,
No hissy fits or tantrums are ever aloud,
The neighbors must never know, all the family is equally proud,
As you can imagine, a bubble is not desired,
For a “bubble person” is filled with a narrow mind and rarely inspired,
In a world full of minorities and immigrants,
In their eyes they only see perfection, and everyone else is ignorant,
The country votes on building a secluding wall,
If it’s not about their inner circle, that wall can rise or fall, they don’t care at all,
To have DNA of their type,
You must be shallow, full of hype,
Its all about name, country clubs, and rounds of golf,
These are the people who fail to see the wonder of Santa and Rudolph,
I think it’s safe to say, there’s more of us who actually care enough today,
To include everyone, when we pray,
This “bubble way of living,”
Lacks healthy relationships, and above all “giving.”

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