A Short, “Long Trip”


I just returned from a trip, it was long, too long for tolerating a passenger who insists on smoking every 10 minutes. Very well, I thought, “she candidly lights up her smoke, opens the window, to provide her some ventilation.” I say “her,” because if she considered my part in her desire to inhale nicotine, I’m sure there’d be zero to “no smoking.” I loathe cigarettes, they’re gross to me. That familiar cloudy wall surrounding the smoker, the smell lingering on any and everything in the smokers area: car seats, clothes, hair. I don’t see the use in inhaling anything that has tons of medical updates for decades and lists the warnings on a package label: Hence Warning, Smoking, may cause lung cancer! And smokers, continue to buy a product that for all intents and purposes could destroy your internal organs, financially drain your bank account due to the cost of cigarettes, increased medical visits, etc.

So, the overnight trip, already had started out in the negative! However, on the plus side, I have to take in account that I’ll have someone to chat with, sing with (possibly), picnic along the road with. Also, it’s nice to have a companion, at times. I did not mention my passenger has a disease that would require multiple bathroom breaks. As well as, being hungrier more than the regular appetite. I am usually a by myself, traveler; meaning, I drive for hours, stop when and if I want to, and I turn my car radio up loud!

The trip ended, not as rapidly as I originally planned. I made it back in one-piece, both psychologically and physically. I learned as usual new things about myself. I do not do well, with smokers, period. I do not care if you smoke, but not in my nearby vicinity. I do not like stopping for lots of breaks. I prefer to reach my destination within a reasonable amount of time. In this case, it took about 5 extra hours, both ways! I need room. I do not enjoy being too close in a confined space, i.e., a car. It’s difficult to enjoy myself when I feel cramped. I do not like to share driving time. I 100% always drive, because I cannot bear being a passenger. I do not like backseat drivers. The passenger who chooses to consistently warn me of road obstructions, police, distracts me. I had missed several exits because of HER need to discipline my driving skills. Plus, when a passenger fears, that I’m not seeing or stopping for approaching vehicles they tend to get overly excited and loud, in turn, causing me to stop or swerve when I didn’t need to. This trip is finally over: Next trip, short or long, I think it’s best I travel ALONE, to avoid ruining my trip and any passengers
I have.

5 thoughts on “A Short, “Long Trip”

      1. I agree, theres nice people who smoke. The smoke, I can live without. Those cigarette butts are bad for the environment. The flicked out lit cigs cause forest fires. All preventable stuff.

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