A Glimpse of Perfection


This girl likes to flaunt, and so what it’s her Life,
Other women are so dang jealous, they scheme and taunt,
The neighboring men watch her walk, contemplating her as their wife,
Who wouldn’t notice this Queen Bee,
She possesses a soul of humanity,
If I could tell you one good thing about her,
She’d rather meet you in the flesh than cyber,
Its said, “a class person dresses for success”
This lady is kind, considerate, unlike all the rest,
She doesn’t waste her time with lazy people, watching reality,
Instead her frame of mind is ignoring drama, preferring family as her company,
Many say, “money is the key”
She hasn’t a cent to her bank account and remains carefree,
There’s not enough kind words available,
To describe this one, for she is as pure as a fable,
Reading, writing, arithmetic are equally a favorite,
She loves the great writers, inventors, and savors it,
Truly a gift,
“Who is she, you ask?” She is a myth, for such people rarely exist.

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