Tis it’s me, “G”

Alt G, I think that’s the alias name,
The one I know of who prefers to game,
Driving on my customary path,
I had to beware of the van, not signaling, beware the aftermath,
Another postal deliverer truck pulled this too,
Ran in front of me, I am honking again, my temper flew.

Why must this be a daily occurrence,
There’s nothing I can do for you, no interference,
These tools you use to abuse and bruise,
Check with the computer greats, infer if they can use,
It would be a shame, to continue this lame game, not giving you the credit or a name due to you.

As the Tide Rolls in, to me that’s great News,
I look for anything to bring happiness, not the blues,
Are you looking in your mirror,
Look closer, closer, closer, there lies a terror,
If you can dish it out, then take it,
Or else find a rehab, hospital, meds, anything to hit, or spit in a Mail-In kit.

These poems I write, are not for you,
They bring my story to light, and spread the word to use,
I could scribble about flowers, clothes, I like,
I could spend hours, upon days, just thinking about things to write,
There’s a feeling, a struggle to set the record straight, utlizing social media: twitter, facebook, since, these happenings are in my opinion, “not inate.”

The waves are high now, the water is crystal clear,
I wave to onlookers, being drenched on the neighboring pier,
There’s a siren blasting to everyone on the beach,
Return to your homes, before the lifeguards begin to preach,
The dangers of the ocean are not new, “these drivers, “I would like to reteach.”

The daily reminders of this phone hacked,
Inspired me to check with a higher up for that,
No help in sight, for this, just might be a permanent problem,
As Google has announced a Linux server in Oklahoma City is trying to hack and begin downloading,
On Twitter today, our Head Leader reciting our Constitutional Freedoms, I further read,
I shook my head with dread, for I personally know, “privacy is dead.”


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