Poem About Wednesday


On this day, “Wednesday,” as I recall,
I left for work early, in case I might stall,
As I had earlier predicted,
My time was severely shifted.

At one light, I had waited at the red one,
Taking out my phone, I shoveled through my purse for a coin,
This situation was not unique,
Therefore, I won’t waste time to critique.

Traveling down though the crowded highway,
My eyes focusing on exits to a bi-way,
I had located an arrow, pointing me to a county road sign,
From there, I took pics of pretty flowers, “Is this a crime?”


I thought this road was empty and deserted,
Quickly, other cars were alerted,
As I returned to my car,
A truck, another too, with decals on the back window, of a Star.

Driving down my chosen path,
I see more vehicles, crisscrossing, driving fast,
Can I ever catch a break,
This has proved more than, “I can take.”

Upon, passing this Anna town,
A tow truck with a car in-tow, stops in front of me and shuts the road down,
I was thinking to myself, how can this happen,
To pass the time, I call someone and begin yapping.

Finally, after minutes of pure anguish of waiting had passed,
I honked my horn to alert the driver, and stepped on the gas,
His lack of driving stupidity,
Caused me to react irresponsibly.

I’m moving on toward my job,
Full throttle, on this road, “I now hawg,”
Passing by, many a yellow bus,
Where are the students, schools been out for hours,  “I begin to fuss.”

More red lights, not the “coveted green ones,” on my stops,
Oh my, I’m traveling fast and there’s a cop,
I keep my eyes open to observe,
“For I will not hit a curve,” I prefer to swerve!

After my trip is finished,
I slouch back in the seat and am famished,
Driving to work on Wednesday,
Is just like all the others, “pay attention to the road or this may be your last day to drive, work or play.”

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