You Know, I Know, This Is You


Whoever or whatever you are, I see you everywhere,
You are Wedding Bells, OU, Nissan Rouge, Beef, I think a writer, too,
When I drive down a secluded trail, if I see you walking, I don’t care,
You see, you aren’t real, you are the smoke that I just blew.

This mind knows you well, you are selfish, controlling, manipulative,
I know all this, your tactics are clear,
These stupid games are quite indicative,
Some days, in the past, these things you do make my “nerves cringe and seer.”

I dream of life, I’ve lost,
My enemy, foe and hater,
Only my future will adjust to the cost,
I hope, I never will see you face to face, or even later.

The plans I had made were mine “alone,”
Nothing, hurts as bad as someone controlling,
My children have moved on, they are now grown,
I, run to no one, for they are not consoling.

I, too, will get Karma and Revenge one day,
There are ways of getting even,
Not from me, but God up above “Does Not Play”
Even for a group of grumpy, feeble heathen.

You are not as special as you think,
The money, cars, social scene,
Ha, you probably have a jazzy web link,
I suspect, you overvalue the brain power you have, but you are not keen.

When this began, I was living my life,
The work I do, does not suit you, I think you as a tool,
I suspect you are hallucinatingly trying to find a wife,
Food for thought: you push and prey, to manipulate and turn me into a fool.

I know your type, you sit around and grumble under your breathe,
Attending lunches, meeting at the Knights’ round table,
While contemplating games to torture a mental death,
Piqueing minds, to increase drama and interest for “this” uniquely bazaar fable.

As a human, you lack empathy, kindness, love for others,
But those are the beginning of your laundry list of problems,
Too bad for you, for I am sure you have “no real” brother,
I compare all this hatred, to something out of Sodom.

This poem is necessary to open up as you, “my unforeseen master wish,”
This is “no game to me,” I will not pretend,
Your controlling nature is cold, narcissistic and selfish,
I cannot accept you as a friend.

I hear a lot about keeping boundaries,
Naturally, a common sense thing to do,
I keep secrets, gamble, drink, and socialize with workers in foundries,
Your sense of pride, is too much, I can see this in you.

Each and everyday I set a time to awake from bed,
I brush my teeth, shower, eat breakfast,
No attention to this unsettling, crackpot, mind-numbing play, running through my head,
I push my arm through the sleeve of my favorite blouse, thanks to God up above  “I’m not yet mentally bedfast.”

My goal here is not to break you down, as you wished for me,
I need to get back to my life, where the outcome is clearer, “Not Blue”
There is a goal and “my hope” is to be let go, “Be Free,”
For I miss my grandson, my children, living life as “I CHOOSE,” Oh, and btw, “I do not owe, YOU!”

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