Tapping & Thinking


As the day flowed along, a bit too slowly,
I thought of everything, from buying a new car to rivers flowing,
The clock perpetually ticks to each second, minute, hour,
I sat and waited inside the old office, filled with power.

Is this my life now, waiting, watching, listening,
The employees out my door just to the right are giggling and hissing,
It’s boring to be in my current position,
When I sat out on a career many years back, “I was on a mission.”

The years, drift like sunny days to cold nights,
This choice I take, but I must admit I’d rather “flight than fight,”
When you have time to watch a clock make it’s rounds,
You know there has to be more, than confusingly looking, toward the ground.

Those papers of education, show a lot of work,
I think of the late nights, I spent typing, researching, missing meals and dessert,
Oh, sitting still makes you stop and think, about the choices you can’t control,
It’s like tossing, turning; day ends abruptly, and suddenly I’m feeling energetic and whole.

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