Easy To See, As 1-2-3


My great-niece is not yet 2 years old but shows a promising future. Her actions, facial expressions, use of words frequently astonishes me when I visit. There is no doubt that she is gifted. As a relative, I can give her as many compliments as I want to; however, she really is smart! Her dad, my nephew, was noticeably smart at a young age, too. He always needed to open the inner-workings of toys to find out “what makes them tick.” As an adult, he had no interest in pursuing a college degree. He does not need a piece of paper to show his talents, It is obvious to everyone he knows. As many family members, he is naturally multi-skilled in: car mechanics, cooking, family manager, builder, plumbing, electrical, computers, and he’s fun too. At two, he rode a bicycle without training wheels! I am impressed of this boy, he’s 33 now, and supervises a large company. His skills are far more numerous than what I’ve listed. Some individuals are born with talents in one or two specialized areas; he has a multitude. His teen daughter is beautiful. She is a story, too, but you’d never “see that,” because she does not brag or boast. She can sing!  She has a unique voice for a music competition, watch for American Idol, The Voice.  Any sport offered, she signs up, figures on her own how to meet the practices and games. She does not need anyone reminding her to get dressed. If you’re a friend expect a “real friend,” she will stick by you, thick and thin. This small family is individually blessed in so many ways, if you knew them you’d be astonished!

I cannot leave out my daughter’s, who are astonishing, as well. As toddlers they displayed different characteristics. One is more conservative while my younger daughter is very social. They both can write a story, really good stories. They don’t even realize this talent, I read their writings and am truly awed by their creativeness! They are intuitive, too. Which is “very handy” when going through life. They are both socially popular, witty, naturally fashion oriented. I have witnessed both shopping, where buying an outfit for an informal occasion turns out to be an Academy Award performance. They select “in my opinion” the oddest accessories. By dressing time, they model their new outfits and “will leave you speechless!” As an adult, my choices, from home accessories to clothing, I prefer to get their feedback. It never surprises me to receive many compliments. I know this gift was inherited from my mother, who can “dress” and “decorate.” She’s intelligent, once again astonishing, at everything. A uniquely talented, smart, strong woman!

I have a 5 month old grandson. Some pictures of him where you can see, “he will be a business-oriented person.” Its not just me but others have pointed this out, too. His eyes are as blue as a sky on a sunny day! A smile that makes you feel good, too. A facial expression that shows he’s paying attention. After all, he does come from a long-line of gifted relatives.
This daily prompt “Astonish,” brought back memories of those around me that continually astonish me; and yet, “I always had an intuition that there would be astonishing achievements from each one.”

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