No, Shortage Of Stories

When I think of writing material using a daily prompt, I quickly pull my notable thoughts together. I have stories about a gazillion things, more than my brain can barely hold onto. A brief reading of news, celeb gossip, weather; these aid my endeavor to find rewarding stories.
There are more than enough “notable, sad stories.” According, to a Twitter feed, (not sure if it’s factual), there is an opioid epidemic. Also, there is mental health crisis, marijuana legalization, global warming, homelessness, Cancer Research, Aids medication, gun law reform, prison overcrowding, privacy sharing, inadequate child support, elderly care, etc.
There’s always going to be some story to research and write about, “What can you bring out into the light, to become a notable writer?” Can you, will you; go the extra-mile to make a difference?

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