A Secluded Treasure


I have to say, this word “I’ve never heard.”
Upon, looking rivulet in Webster’s and Google images, a beautiful shot of a waterfall flowing downward to a stream, displays. Or, also it can mean a rivulet of sweat.


Without any thought of this word being presented as a daily prompt, I had been taking photos around an interesting park, “The Rose Garden,” which has rows of amazing flowering plants

20180426_105254.jpgand ducks gracing the grounds. 


As I walked around the pond, I caught a glimpse of a rivulet and snapped some shots. I am a “park person,” I love to stop and visit them, whenever, I find a new one; this, Rose Garden was a top competitor.


An offering of lush landscaping, a playground area, pond with an extended walk trail, ample benches

20180426_105322.jpgthroughout the area, an array of parking, tennis courts, picnic areas with grills, cabanas, “it’s a nice place to spend time.”

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