A Fun Trip, Too

On a trip last Spring, while on a cruise to 5 islands, the boat had docked for leisure activities. There’s a lot of new sites on every visit to a new destination, as soon as, the gate opened, I was “taken, by the unfamiliar cultures and scenery.” The sandy beaches were breathtakingly beautiful, oh, I thought, “how, I love white sand!”

The cruise staff had planned activities, but I wanted to explore the area and see as much as I possibly could. Fortunately, I had met a noble younger couple while lounging on the lito deck. They’d cruised many times and were “cruise knowledgeable.” I am by no means “naive,” but I do not know a majority of all the potential crimes. My street smarts are fine for mostly any metropolitan city: keep chin up and do not lollygad; no eye contact, if possible; plan, stay out of troubled areas. However, a new island presented itself with an array of possibilities of criminal behavior, that I intended not to find.

After my day outing on the island: every site, step I took, was fantastic. The information from the couple had proved to be more help than reading the countless brochures, that were offered by the hotel courtesy staff. The couple knew the ropes, and politely, pointed out the “ups and downs,” to what I would undoubtedly encounter. This couple represented humanity in the highest honor. As I reflected on the trip the couple stood out, and I thought, “a noble person, is indeed a nice characteristic,” for someone else to see that gift in you, is “priceless.”7

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