Trick, Is A Special Cur

I don’t look at any dogs as “a cur.” Or any animal for that matter. Those sad eyes should make any human being have empathy: adopt a pet, feed a pet, take care of a stray.

My youngest daughter was about 14, when she brought a puppy home. Her friend was moving and couldn’t keep the dog, my daughter wanted a pet. I wasn’t used to dogs, “when I suddenly found myself walking her pet.” Whenever, I stopped by the store I’d pick up chew toys, pet snacks. This new pup was part of the family now. But she drove me up the wall, too.

My daughter would leave for school and I, for work, the pup was left alone. I was never concerned of breed but of the “long hours” of the pup being left alone. So, my daughter gave the pet to her friend. He still has her, “Trick,” is her name since birth. There has never been a lack of love in this pups life. I get a soft heart when I think of her eyes, she is “one of a kind.”

Once, I had come home from work, she was waiting as I unlocked the door; immediately, jumping up and running in circles. I had said something like, “oh goody, I got paid.” Trick jumped up on her hind legs and howled like a wolf! It seemed she instinctively knew I was happy, and howled as if, “toasting champagne.” I’ll never forget her, she’s one in a million to me. Other family has brought in pets too, and I get attached easily: Lily, Lucy, Samale. All are different breeds, but once you look into “those eyes,” you’re hooked.

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