Blessings, For All



I cherish the words spoken to me when I held an office as the President of a local organization. The speaker at the podium loudly held the audience in suspense for “what seemed like hours.” After all, the whole affair had been planned well in advance, the hall decorated with flowers of my choosing. I was the guest of honor, for many areas of leadership: helping the homeless, security for schools, establishing scholarships.
When it was mentioned earlier in the year, about the organization planning to bestow an honor to someone who represented their community: thoughts were on many others, not myself. I do not perform for recognition and being honored was surprisingly unacceptable to me. After learning that I was “on track” to be honored; organization members congratulated me. They counseled me on how deserving I was to receive an honor. Which, I admit it was difficult to see their point. Many others had participated in improving the community.
A realization had finally came to me. I had worked selflessly for “the causes” that needed improvement: low-economic students could attend college, security officers at the schools, and the homeless were provided adequate housing, jobs. My intentions were to correct and upgrade, now it is my “time to shine” keeping in mind, that I will use this bestowment to encourage and continue to improve the community! I’m thinking what a platform for donations, volunteers, additional staff: blessings, come in the most unexpected ways!

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