Be Careful, “With Details”

Prior to my daughters wedding, she had asked me if I could assist with some wedding details; mind you, I am the upcoming brides mother. Of course,” I want to be a part of her wedding plans.”
She had asked me to locate a florist, wedding coordinator, dresses for the wedding party. I love to research, and there are so many options to choose from! I thought, “this is funtastic!”
As with any big event, the ‘time’ moves fast, so fast, you almost run out of it. I am working and utilizing as much time as I can to gather information, for my daughter to make her selections; easy enough.
I gathered information, to present to her for approval, based on what I thought she preferred; her taste(s), have changed since living at home. I had a vague interpretation of her wedding style.
Those reality shows for pre-wedding are outrageous: the screaming, tantrums, unexpected problems. My daughter is very conservative, a Jacquelyn Kennedy type. She has always been naturally refined, a classy person, right down to the last detail. Her personality is strong — yet, ‘feminine.’ If you research 100’s of pages of stuff you think, she might like?! Be ready to find yourself, starting “Over!” This girl is not vague, she knows what she wants, and will not settle for less!
After months of planning, the wedding was gorgeous! The venue was popular for outdoor weddings, the sky was as blue, as I have ever seen! I have since become more mindful from this experience. I had vaguely assumed I knew what she’d like, I wasted a lot of time searching for the wrong idea when simply asking her, “What are your plans?”

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